Since Fraud monitoring is extremely important for banking nowadays, it’s essential for the organization to choose the right solution.

An effective anti-fraud system must continuously analyse large volumes of data, events, and their context to detect anomalies in user behaviour patterns when monitoring for suspicious activities. This technique enables financial institutions to promptly and effectively address the danger of a threat and prevent a fraudulent attack by taking immediate action.

Our Fraud Monitoring Efficiency Test solution offers a comprehensive perspective and evaluation on the client’s current fraud monitoring solution. It could provide a score and ranking to the current solution and the outcome may prepare for further operation and core banking system enhancement.

​Our key advantages:

  • Fraud scoring mechanism
  • Fraud rules categorization
  • Batch processing and Single processing
  • Configurable criteria for risk level
  • Individual threshold tuning
  • Comprehensive data view and reporting
  • Capable of API integration with internal system