A robust name screening solution relies on a complete set of screening technologies. They are used in order to optimize practices of data extraction and exploring while achieving the most rigorous results. A solution with a well-maintained centralized database of PEP and sanction lists with regularly and timely updates making it as undisputed element for all the name screening solutions.

Our Name Screening Efficiency Test solution offers a comprehensive perspective and evaluation on the client’s current name screening solution, by using our self-developed AI embedded testing model. It could provide a score and ranking to the current solution and the outcome can be deemed valuable and essential for future customer onboarding.

​Our key advantages:

  • Scoring according to different matching mechanisms eg. Exact, Fuzzy matching
  • Configurable criteria for individual elements
  • Individual threshold tuning
  • Comprehensive view and reporting
  • Capable of API integration for internal system testing
  • Ultimate goal is to reduce false-positive hits and fine tune current solution