By integrating advanced analytics and regulation technology, our Network Analytics solution offers enhanced transparency for our clients to trace and identify their customers networks with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

​In addition, our solution permits continuous updating on data and relationships which would enable a holistic review on all the related transactions.

Our key advantages compared with other solution providers on the market:

  • Enhance AML capabilities and reduce full scale operational risk in accordance with HKMA’s regulations
  • Customers, accounts, transactions, TM alerts, consumer risk, and other AML-related information can all be shared and screened in our Network Analytics Tool.
  • Fraudulent Information, including IP addresses, device names, operating systems can all be screened.
  • Format and visualization, graph and charts are all readily available which allow users to turn data into graphics
  • “Timeline” chart and graph functions
  • Find connection and commonality in static information from customers and their counterparts
  • Comprehensive audit traceability
  • The ability to expand data capture capabilities and configurations for various data types
  • Special emphasis on Sanctions / PEP / POI Entities
  • A predefined network analytics database and ready to use structure
  • Integration and interface simplicity with an existing AML system
  • Capable of providing further alert investigation support for transaction monitoring
  • Integrate and provide a full and holistic customer perspective